Here are resources & links updated and added as we find them for Years 3 & 4.

For resources to support Year 5 and Year 6 CC Schemes of work follow this link.

STOP PRESS The CC website is now and upgrade disks for year 3 and year 4 sows are available with lessons put onto powerpoint for teachers all readymade! Remember to make use of the free resources too!

More FREE resources, including workbooks for Y3-Y5 and PPTs of all the finger rhymes with sound files embedded at **Wokingham Learning Hub** Many thanks to Sue Cave and Jean Haigh at Wokingham LA for sharing!

Catherine Cheater yr 3
Catherine Cheater yr 4

2 Speech bubbles phrases from Toutes les Couleurs

Words for Une Souris verte from Mama Lisa and music from
3 Rhyming words cards for Une Souris Verte
Albert spelling letter cards
Hear the colours at Hello World . com
Online colouring game for the IWB Bonjour les amis!
Listen to object & colour on BBC Education on the IWB
4 Speech bubbles Comment t'appelles-tu? Je m'appelle Albert


6 Colour reading cards (Frere Jacques tune)
French colours display/flashcards at Sparklebox

7 Pirouette, Cacahuète small word cards
Large text cards for song
Lyrics and mp3 of song at Mama Lisa's World
Mon Âne -
8 Christmas word cards small
Flashcards for Christmas vocabulary
Animal pairs game cards

10 Père Noël spelling activity cards

11 Words and mp3 of J'aime la galette at Mama Lisa's World

Lyrics, pictures and mp3 of Clair de la lune at Mama Lisa's World


14 Numbers 7-10 and 'vite' 'lentement' cards
Grand/petit flashcards
15 *

17 Lyrics & mp3 Un poule sur un mur at Mama Lisa's World
Printable lyrics sheet at video of song on You Tube

18 Classroom objects
Speech bubble Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Words for 'This little piggy..' can be found at


You can download the European Portfolio here.
21 Les vêtements small text cards
Lots of Easter ideas and resources at this blog to download.
22 Days of the week word cards

23 Aujourd'hui, hier, demain cards
Present/présente cards

Numbers 11-15 cards
Promenons nous dans les bois lyrics & mp3 at Mama Lisa's World


25 Numbers 16-20 cards

To support the Monsieur Lapin story:
26 Word cards numbers 0-20


28 Keywords text cards from story Par une sombre nuit de

29 Number cards 26-31