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Catherine Cheater schemes of work - remember to budget for the accompanying recommended resources which will need to be purchased separately or can be bought & used on their own. This resource is very closely linked to the Framework as Catherine was one of the authors.
The storybooks can be a little frightening for non-linguists, however we can give you copies on ppt being read out in French if you can provide proof (receipts) for each book your school has purchased - please watch this space to find out more
Take Ten en Français & Take Ten en Español- pick up & go pocket sized book & cd/dvd/karaoke dvd. A collection of 10 minute activities written & introduced in English, with all the Spanish/French vocabulary & pronounciation support you need, based on Brain Gym / ten minutes of daily activity ideas in PE.
This is very popular with non-linguists!
Mon Ane dvd - part of the resource pack recommended by Catherine Cheater scheme - works very well on it's ownto dip in & out of - 30 traditional songs in French with a charming video - you also get a karaoke option. The subtitles are a great example of French script.
My mixed whole ks2 class beg to watch these again & again.
Catherine Cheater Recommended storybooks for use with yr 3. These packs also exist for yrs 4 - 6. They are great example of storybooks to use with classes in their own right or base a unit of work around them or just pop them in the library corner.
For more story books and ideas of how to use them, click here.

LCP New Generation Primary French 1 & 2 -these are a good source of support for non-linguists using the QCA units as all the resources you need for units 1-12 (yrs 3 & 4) are in file 1, and for QCA units 13-24 (yrs 5 & 6) in file 2.
If your co-ordinator is a linguist, they may find they can produce this sort of thing better themselves, but if not, they save a lot of time.
LCP Primary French Interactive CDs - useful IWB resource, not a scheme of work as such but very easy for non-linguists to use.

Early Start CD-Rom - basically the entire Early Start 1 scheme of work on an interactive cd-rom, making it very useful for use on an IWB and particularly useful for non-specialists to use. Ideal for yr 3. CD-Rom / DVD part 2 is also available. Very good website. Scheme has lots of cross curriculuar ideas & intercultural understanding video clips.
Great for beginners - yrs 3 & 4, but is not aimed at yrs 5 & 6 yet...
TTS - a catalogue of generic resources, including flashcards, posters, plastic euros, games, maps, puppets, masks, songs on cd, ICT based activities and some very tactile resources. Also available in German & Spanish.

La Jolie Ronde - this scheme of work was written in conjunction with Rachel Redfearn of Wakefield Local Authority. Also available in Spanish. There are some free samples on the site.
Really well structured, easy to follow lessons. Great for the non-specialist. The children really enjoy the activities.
I agree the lessons are well-structured and good fun, but I found there to be very little progression in terms of skill- jo

Chantez Plus Fort! topic-based book and CD set contains 20 easy-to-learn French songs written specifically to help children to learn French.
CD 1 contains all 20 songs sung by French children and mini-dialogues which can be used for listening comprehension and role-plays. CD 2 contains instrumental tracks for the 16 original songs. The accompanying book contains teachers' notes, photocopiables of song lyrics, dialogues and translations.
Songs based around old QCA topics but lively and useful to reinforce key structures and vocabulary.
Rigolo a topic based resource for the IWB, sadly very little evidence of progression, more an accumulation of nouns and set phrases, but useful as a resource to dip in and out.

You can try out samples fromthis course from the website. Another topic based course still very secondary in parts but useful if you have an IWB

BBC Active Primary French is Fun - an interactive whiteboard resource. Useful for non-linguists but arranged by topic and slightly secondary in feel.

Le Rythme, La Musique et les Raps de Monsieur X
35 original songs and raps by David Hicks, CILT Associate Trainer, teacher, mime artist and musician. Topic-based songs plus instrumental versions for karaoke. Book to accompany the CD available at extra cost with teaching ideas/actions etc. Great for encouraging less confident speakers to participate and for reinforcing vocabulary/language structures.
Saw David performing at Primary Languages Show a few years ago and bought the CD & book. Children in my classes love the songs, especially the raps.
This fun new subscription site follows the QCDA scheme. Available in French German Spanish Italian and Mandarin, specifically for years 3-6 inclusive. Lots to use online and also worksheets etc. to use offline. For a free two-week subscription offered to all schools click here