Websites for French, German, Spanish & more languages at any key stage - Delicious

Delicious is a system of storing lists of websites online so they can be shared and accessed from anywhere.

is a list of sites for Languages teachers, and can be searched by topic, age group, language, cross-curricular link etcetera - use the list to the right side of the site to choose.

Primary Languages - Also know as 'The Training Zone' this site has a huge bank of video clip resources showing lessons taught by teachers and assistants. Each clip comes with transcripts and resources needed to teach the lesson as well as translations for repeating the lesson in another language - French German Spanish at present with Mandarin and Japanese on the way. - a free network for teachers to share experiences and resources with each other about teaching languages in primary. Very down-to-earth and friendly. - one for me to explore....

Assessment You may not want to go the whole way with Asset, but they do have a few useful things to think about on this site, including their contents specs for breakthrough level in various languages, which might make a useful basis for an end-agreement document for yr6/7 transition.

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