51Ccc%2BUANtL__SL500_AA240_.jpgPronunciation & Phonics

Right from KS2 through to KS5, teaching students to hear, identify
and pronounce the language correctly is crucial to progress &
reading. Click the link for free resources & ideas.
tutorial.pngResources for QCDA Units

- French Year 3 Scheme & Resources

-French Year 4 Scheme & Resources (incomplete)

-French Year 5 Scheme & Resources

-French Year 6 Scheme & Resources (incomplete)

- Spanish & German (to follow)


You can use storybooks in KS1, 2 or even 3 at very many
different levels, just as you would in English. Click here for ideas
and resource packs to download free.

books-yr3.jpgCatherine Cheater - Yr 3 & 4

Catherine Cheater - Yr 5 & 6

Need a little help with the Catherine Cheater scheme of work - here are some resources for complete beginners!

Festivals and Occasions

Links & resources to exploit festivals & special days around the
world as part of the 'intercultural understanding' strand of your


Key Stage 1

Ideas. techniques and resources for using with Reception through to year 2.


For ready-made resources & to explore ideas about manageable
assessment at KS2.
transition.gif Transition KS2 to KS3

Plenty to download, adapt & spark discussion for both primary & secondary colleagues.

ict-exhib.gif ICT

Making use of ICT to help teachers teach, and students learn languages from Key Stages 1 - 5 inclusive.
Or download some powerpoints with nifty tricks ready made.

scissors_02.pngLook what I made!

A place to download resources made by Hampshire teachers and upload your own to share if you wish.

class.gifResources from courses

Just got back from Inset run by Jo, Liz or Jackie? All the resources and summaries of our courses can be downloaded from the above link


Primary Languages Essentials

Published & mostly free resources, including DfE guidance & QCDA units (free scheme of work)
Commercial Schemes & Resources

Not just a handy list, but space to comment & say what you think of them.
why_nut_pic.jpgFree Stuff!
Resources including songs, videos & entire websites available free on the internet - here are some of the best.
Bits 'n' bobs
Certificates, dice, posters, display resources... not free but good value.