This new set of pages will gather together advice and guidance for those running or participating in school trips & exchanges. Your school should have a named person (EVC Educational Visits Coordinator) responsible for co-ordinating trips & exchanges who will be able to give you more information, meanwhile the following may well be of use and for Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC) training please contact HTLC bookings on 01962 844288

The following contacts and initiatives may be useful to you:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) sensible risk assessment debate and advice. Good advice encouraging you to stop worrying about trivial concerns over safety:

New guidance re.vetting parents & staff:
Clearly checks need to be made of all adults who will be working alone with any children during a trip or exchange. List 99 checks are due to be replaced by checks against the 'Childrens barred List'. More information can be found in this schools communication and at here on the Hampshire Intranet

The **Outdoor Education Service** site with Hantsnet provides a range of advice and templates pertinent to the organising and safe running of school trips. This is a direct link to download any forms you may need, from permission templates to risk-assessments.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is an excellent research guide for visits abroad, from travel advice through to particular advice on countries or medical requirements:

The DfES Pupil Health and Safer Schools Team has some very useful guidance on Teachernet, from first aid and educational visits through to special needs, and many other topics: