Planning for 24th March:

  • Find & book venue for one day with lunches to be paid for via Sue Lee as a day-long LSG
  • lunches for those attending the cpd am at 12
  • meeting to be held after lunch probably around 2-3.30 times to be confirmed
  • am is for lead teachers: Kathrin, Louise, Amy & Mark and also for ....
People to come am
people for the afternoon
Lead teachers
AST & Lead teachers
Sarah at Brookie
Andrew at Mountbatten
Louise at Ringwood
Fiona from Bohunt
Headteacher from Church Crookham Chris Dey
Zena Hilton
Bob Thomas


CiLT trainers
Links trainers etc
Sumata ... TED meeting
Coalition update & how it effects lang
What happens post 31st March
Who can offer what?
Update contacts / communication

letter to go to lead teachers & separate(?) for the afternoon but maybe the same so if people want to attend the whole lot they can as long as we have numbers in time to fund the lunches? Any idea of wording??

To do :

venue & prices
check Sue Lee